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Travel Soccer 2014 - 2015

Registration for the 2014-2015 Soccer Year. All players should register for their "on-age" Division. Players who will be "Playing Up" will be assigned to the older age Division by the Player Selection Committee.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration,
contact Pat Covell

For more information, visit the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club website at




SWSC Travel Soccer Program Site - for the SWSC Rec Program site click HERE


Welcome to the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club

Players and Parents

2014-2015 Soccer Year

 As you can see on the left side of this page, there are two “Sessions” open for registration:

  1. Tryout Placement Evaluation 2014-2015 Soccer Year
  2. Travel Soccer 2014 - 2015

Tryout Placement Evaluation 2014-2015 Soccer Year

All players thinking about playing for the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club for the 2014-2015 Soccer Year should register for the Tryout-Placement Evaluation Session, even if you are ready to register for the actual Travel Soccer 2014-2015 Session.

Registration is FREE and is not a commitment by you to play for the Club; however, registration will ensure that you are in the "system" for further information. – Summer activities.

The primary purpose of the Tryout-Placement Evaluation Process is to place all players at the appropriate competitive level based on age, skills and commitment.

If you are new the Club, click "Login and Register" and create a new account.

When registering, please COMPLETE the entire registration process through "Check Out" and "Place Order."

Travel Soccer 2014-2015

If you have decided to play with the Club for the 2014-2015 Soccer Year, you must register for the “Travel Soccer 2014-2015 Session” even if you registered for the Tryout Placement Evaluation 2014-2015 Soccer Year. Unfortunately in the SportsSignUp system they are two separate data bases and we cannot transfer your registration from the Tryout data base to the Travel data base. You must be in the Travel data base to be assigned to a team for CDYSL player registration and player pass.

Registration for the Travel Soccer 2014-2015 Session is a commitment and will require a minimum initial payment of $250 by credit or debit card at the time registration.

Note: If you register before August 15, 2014 and subsequently but before August 15, 2014 inform the Club that you wish to withdraw you registration, you will receive a full refund of all Club Fees paid. After August 15, 2014, the Club’s normal Refund Policy will apply.

Club Fees for the 2014-2015 Soccer Year

o    U08      - Full Year (8/1/2014-7/31/2015) - $300.00 : Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00

o    U10      - Full Year (8/1/2014-7/31/2015) - $450.00 : Spring Only (After 4/1/2013) - $275.00

o    U12      - Full Year (8/1/2014-7/31/2015) - $475.00 : Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00

o    U14-18 - Full Year (8/1/2014-7/31/2015) - $580.00 : Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00

For detailed information about the Club Fee and Payment Process click the following:

SWSC Club Fee Information 2014-2015.pdf

Registration Process

  1. Login to your account (create an account if this is your first time)
  2. Register the player for their Age Division
  3. players will be assigned to specific teams, including “playing up”, by the SWSC Coaches/Club 
  4. Upload a photo, if needed (see below)
  5. Read and understand the 4 hour per family volunteer requirement (see below)
  6. Pay the Club Fee
  7. Complete the “Checkout Process”
  8. Complete the 2014-2015 Medical Release Form – link in the Post Purchase Information and on the Club web site under “About SWSC / Resources / Online Forms” – give it to your team manager or coach.

 All Players Must Have A Photo On Their CDYSL Player Pass.

Player passes are printed by each Club, based on the Club’s registration system, and sent to CDYSL for final processing. To complete this process, each player and coach & team manager must have a picture in our registration system.

Volunteer Commitment Agreement

During the registration process you will be asked to agree to the following Volunteer Commitment Agreement:

“I agree that our family will provide 4 hrs of volunteer effort supporting SWSC activities during the 2014-2015 Soccer Year.

Only hours supporting activities designated by the Club as "Volunteer Support Activities" shall count toward this commitment. This volunteer commitment must be completed by the end of the Club's primary major fund raising event - the annual May Day tournament, unless prior arrangements have made. If my family has not completed this commitment before April 1, 2014, I agree to provide to Team Manager for my oldest child's SWSC team a  $100.00 Volunteer Commitment Bond Check by April 10, 2014.  If I fulfill the volunteer commitment, the $100 will be returned.  If my family fails to complete its volunteer commitment, the $100 bond will be cashed.

If the Bond Check is not received by April 25, 2014, no member of my family will be allowed to participate in any SWSC or team activity until appropriate arrangements have been made to complete this Volunteer Commitment.


Any questions feel free to contact Pat Covell, Club Registrar at (518) 584-8459
or email me at: