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Welcome Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club

Players and Parents

2013-2014 Soccer Year


Registration Process

All players must register for the 2013-2014 Soccer Year (registration for the Tryout-Placement Evaluation was only for that process).

1.     Login to your account (create an account if this is your first time)

2.     Register the player for their Age Division

o    players will be assigned to specific teams, including “playing up”, by the SWSC Coaches/Club 

3.     Upload a photo, if needed (see below)

4.     Read and understand the 4 hour per family volunteer requirement (see below)

5.     Pay the Club Fee (see below)

6.     Complete the 2013-2014 Medical Release Form – link in the Post Purchase Information and on the Club web site under “About SWSC / Resources / Online Forms” – give it to your team manager or coach.

************  CLUB FEE  ***********


The Club Fee is paid directly to the Club by credit or debit card:

  • Payment options
    • Full payment at the time of registration
    • Minimum payment of $250 at time of registration
      • 1/2 of the balance in 2 installments (November 1, 2013 and January 1,214)

If you do not have a credit or debit card, contact Pat Covell.  

Please keep in mind that the Club Fees are NOT THE TEAM FEES that are collected by the team managers.  Any and all TEAM FEES will be collected by the Team Manager. 

The Club Fees this year will be as follows:

  • U08 Players 
    • Full Year (10/1/13-8/1/14) - $300.00
    • Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00
  • U10 and up 
    • Full Year (10/1/2013 - 8/1/2014) - $450.00
    • Spring Only (After 4/1/2013) - $275.00
  • U12 Players 
    • Full Year (10/1/13-8/1/14) - $475.00
    • Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00
  • U14 and up 
    • Full Year (10/1/2013 - 8/1/2014) - $580.00
    • Spring Only (After 4/1/2014) - $275.00

The Club Fees include

  • All CDYSL and ENYYSA registration fees
  • Outdoor Fall practices
  • 22 Indoor practice sessions
    • U8:  at Caroline Street School
    • U10 & U12: 11 at Caroline Street School and 11 at the Club's Malta Facility (Charbonneau)
    • U14 and older: at the Club's Malta Facility (Charbonneau)
  • Outdoor Spring practices
  • Participation in the Club's Annual May Day Classic Tournament or the North East College Showcase Tournament
  • All CDYSL Spring 2014 League Play Fees
  • Funds required running the Club and its facilities (Daniels Road/Charbonneau) including heat, electric, ground maintenance, lining fields, equipment such as goals, nets.  

 The Club Fees does NOT include:

  • A Club Uniform
    • All players must get a new Club Uniform – Adidas discontinued our current uniform.
    • Purchasing new uniforms will be online from an outside vendor - specific information will be provided later
  • Any Indoor League Game Play Fee (At Sportsplex, Adirondack Dome, etc)
  • Any ADDITIONAL indoor practice fees (in addition to the initial 22 stated above) a coach may wish to have.
  • Any indoor or outdoor Tournament Fees (other than May Day or NES)
  • Any coach and/or training fees
  • Additional cost for other activities a team may wish to participate in.



Player passes are printed by each Club, based on the Club’s registration system, and sent to CDYSL for final processing. To complete this process, each player and coach & team manager must have a picture in our registration system.

Volunteer Commitment Agreement

Each family agrees to volunteer 4 hrs per family, during the 2013-2014 Soccer Year, including the annual May Day tournament or other Club functions as needed. If the volunteer hours are not completed prior to March 1, 2014, the family must provide a $100.00 bond (personal check) to the Team Manager by April 1, 2014 and complete the volunteer commitment during the Tournament.  When the volunteer commitment is completed, the $100 will be returned.  If the family fails to meet the minimum time requirement, the $100 bond will be cashed.

Family players will NOT be allowed to play in the May Day Tournament if this volunteer commitment and bond are NOT received and honored. 

Any questions feel free to contact Pat Covell, Club Registrar at (518) 584-8459
or email me at