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Welcome to the 2020-2021

Saratoga-Wilton Soccer Club Registration For TRYOUTS

All players please follow the directions below: 

  1. Create an account if this is your first time registering for club soccer OR
  2. Login to your account if you already have one from team placement registration or previous years
  3. Register your player for their age division - all players must register “on age”
  4. Players wishing to Play Up to another Level/Age Group will need to contact their existing coach and/or the Director's of Coaching at TRYOUTS


Dates have not been finalized - For More Information please visit our webpage: 

Information on our Cost Structure and Product offerings are being finalized and will be communicated in the next few weeks!

Any questions please contact Christina Lindheimer, Registrar at 518-858-9972 or via email:


Technical Evaluation (Tryouts)



Aug 3

Aug 4

Aug 5

Aug 6

Aug 7


U8:  Adam Costello

Liam Rice

Kyle Quinn

5-6 PM







Adam Costello

Anders Trestick

Kyle Quinn

Noah Van Zandt

Rob MacDonald

6-7 PM







Jason Tenne

Patrick O’Keefe

Peter MacDonald

Liam Rice

Ryan Shaw

Kasey Lemos


5-6 PM


5-6 PM




Kyle Quinn

Paco Roca

Patrick Cogan

Jason Tenner


6-7 PM (Boys)

6-7 PM (Girls)

6-7 PM (Boys)

6-7 PM (Girls)



Kemp Bundy

Rob Blunt

Kyle Quinn

Patrick O’keefe

Rob MacDonald

Austin Cowper

AJ Siebeneck

Brandt Greiner


7-8 PM


7-8 PM




We will release the schedule for 8/10 and 8/17 shortly.  


Players will be notified of the team they made within a week of the last tryout date.